After having spent more than 20 years managing Sales Teams, selling B2B services to International key accounts, including 10 years in the Learning and Development industry, I’ve created MEKITAPEN.

MEKITAPEN proposes to its customers based in France innovative solutions which focus on improving team performance and strategy execution through better communication, management development and workforces engagement.

Customer orientation, excellent value for money, pragmatism and common sense, agility, speed of execution guide my approach.

The solutions I present to my clients have successes track records in the US market and support the digital transformation all Multinationals are engaged in.

Engage By Cell is one of these solutions.


Frédéric André


Engage by Cell, Mobile Info Pros and Mekitapen present their upcoming free webinar: « Human Resources Communication in the Mobile Era »

Thursday, April 12, 3 pm to 3:30 pm (Paris Time)

Learn How Text Messaging and Mobile Websites support the Recruitment Process, Onboarding, Employees Engagement and Development

Hear from experts Stu Maleeff, Founder & CEO of Mobile Info Pros and Frédéric André, Founder of Mekitapen.

Communication is key! Providing all of the new and important information in a timely fashion to a spread out workforce. Printing, emailing, intranet.. Do the traditional mechanisms work for you any longer?

Engage by Cell offers mobile solutions to HR departments that are transforming how companies get information to and from employees.

Now you can easily:

  • Begin communication with employees prior to their start date
  • Introduce new employees to the team virtually
  • Familiarize new employees with HR Dept and Supervisors
  • Load all pertinent information – PDF’s, word docs, forms, even explanatory videos – on our mobile web platform
  • Create a beautiful HR Benefits Guide that can be accessed on any phone, computer or tablet.

We will present different examples of companies using Engage by Cell solutions for a modern and effective employee communication.

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